Mutli PC Setup


N-Computing is a virtualization desktop company that designs computer components: hardware and software to centrally manage desktop computers that allows multiple users to share a single instance operating system simultaneously. All of this easily incorporates with your existing computing infrastructure, substituting expensive PCs with easy, small and also very durable thin clients.
Our skilled technicians can help you establish a lab/system with minimum faults that provide maximum efficiency.

Why us?
  • We help you to use the client server articture.
  • We help you with the setup and Installation.
  • We help you to get best service under resonable price.
  • We can help you to get the best of what you want.
  • We will help you with future problems.
why choose NComputing
  • Lowest cost per seat: Reduces the per seat cost of a PC by more than 75%.
  • Reduces Management and Maintenance by 75%.
  • Power consumption reduce by 90%.
  • Integration: Integrates easily with your existing computing infrastures.
  • Protection for students: Centrally manages internet filtering software, ensuring a consistent and safe internet experience.
  • Small Footprint: Frees up valuable work-space in classrooms and labs.

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