Business IT Support

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Today the use of computers has taken all over the world. Yet, it’s true that Science and Technology has played an integral part of everyone’s life where people’s first concern goes to the functionality and maintenance of their device. However, machine requires proper support to make their system serviceability. Though, the system can be malfunctioned with various issues like viruses (Trojan horses and spyware) and other technical problems, let’s focus on what can be done to avoid these kinds of issues within a short duration.

Lab/Office Computer Networking Setup

For every business, We provide a proper design and set up for new computer lab or a development lab. Similarly, we help to update the pre-established networking. We have high-skilled network analyst who will help you to build the perfect network for your company/ business. Additionally, we also have experience in setting up a computer lab based on both Windows and Linux.

Multi PC Setup (N-Computing)

N-Computing / Multi PC setup refers to such design of computer components i.e. hardware and software to centrally manage desktop computers that allows multiple users to share a single operating system simultaneously. All of this easily incorporates with your existing computing infrastructure, substituting expensive PCs with easy, small and also very durable thin clients. Our skilled technicians can help you establish a lab/system with minimum faults that provide maximum efficiency.