Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


Today the use of computers has taken all over the world. Yet, it’s true that Science and Technology has played an integral part of everyone’s life where people’s first concern goes to the functionality and maintenance of their device. However, machine requires proper support to make their system serviceability. Though, the system can be malfunctioned with various issues like viruses (Trojan horses and spyware) and other technical problems, let’s focus on what can be done to avoid these kinds of issues within a short duration.


Slow computer.
Virus infection.
Windows out of date.
Laptop accidental damages.
Laptop accidental damages.
E-mail setup.
Application running slowely.
Frozen Screen.
Sudden computer restart.

Solution by Guras

24 hr. IT support Availabe.
Proper Cleaning to Maximize Efficiency.
Proper Power cable Management.
Memory Diagonistics.
Malware Check-up.
Spyware Detectation & preventation.
Virus Mitigation/cleaning.
Authority Control Setup & Password Management.
Password Management and recovery.
Secure Browsing Tricks and tips.
Disk clean-up.
Program Mgmt.
Driver Update.
BIOS Check & Setting it for Efficiency.
Network Diagnosis & Mgmt.
Outlook Maintenance.
Data Recovery.
Tracing your trash.
Hardware Delivery within 2 hrs.(if crashed)

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